ellura | 36 mg PAC
ellura | 36 mg PAC
ellura | 36 mg PAC
ellura | 36 mg PAC
ellura | 36 mg PAC
ellura | 36 mg PAC
ellura | 36 mg PAC

ellura | 36 mg PAC

urologist-recommended medical-grade UTI supplement - highest potency


This is for you if:

You’ve tried other options but still get frequent UTIs.

You’re worried about antibiotic side effects or rising antimicrobial resistance.

You want a solution that’s backed by real science and recommended by urologists.

30 Caps
A little nature and a lot of science = one highly effective UTI supplement
Derived from nature and boosted by science, ellura provides the highest levels of medical grade PAC (36mg) needed to maintain a clean urinary tract.

ellura helps keep the
urinary tract clean

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our ingredients

36 mg proanthocyanidins (PAC) as measured by DMAC/A2 and from cranberry juice concentrate extract. Inactive ingredients: mannitol, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, hydroxypropyl, methylcellulose (vegetable capsule).

no GMOsno artificial preservatives no colors or sweeteners no corn no dairy no soy no wheat no yeast no gluten
To maintain a clean urinary tract: Take 1 capsule daily with water about the same time every day. For known triggers (such as travel, stress, lack of hydration, or inability to visit the bathroom ) or if early warning signs, take 2 capsules daily as needed, then return to one daily.

UTIs from sex: Because intercourse often results in bacteria in the urethra, take 2 capsules of ellura before or after sex and then 2 the following day (4 capsules total), OR take 1 ellura daily to stay ahead of UTIs no matter when the moment is right.

Remember: ellura won’t treat or cure a UTI, but it can help maintain a clean urinary tract to avoid future UTIs. If your doctor confirms an active UTI, take ellura daily with your antibiotic to help your body flush out the bacteria. Learn more about taking ellura to stay head of UTIs.
red fruit allergy
If you have a red fruit allergy, please consult your healthcare provider before you take ellura.

questions answered

what is ellura?
ellura is a highly potent medical grade supplement that helps keep your urinary tract clean.
how does ellura work?
The PAC in ellura bind to UTI-causing bacteria, preventing them from sticking to the bladder. When bacteria can’t stick, they can’t cause an infection. The harmful bacteria are simply flushed out with urine in a normal and healthy manner.
why should i take ellura versus other cranberry supplements?
Not all cranberry supplements are created equal. Just because a supplement says it has 36mg of PAC on the label doesn’t mean it has the medical-grade potency of ellura. Only the PAC in ellura have been proven superior at keeping UTI-causing bacteria from sticking to the bladder.
what are proanthocyanidins (PAC)?
PAC (or proanthocyanidins) is the active ingredient in cranberries. Only ellura is made using a proprietary double extraction process that ensures every capsule contains the most potent, medical-grade PAC.
who should take ellura?
While UTIs affect mostly women, men may develop UTIs as well and can benefit from once daily ellura. You may also want to consider ellura if you are prone to UTIs as a result of sex; certain birth control; menopause; various medical conditions, like diabetes or conditions that limit your mobility; or you use a catheter to urinate.
do I need a prescription to take ellura?
No. While we’re proud to note that the 36 mg PAC (proanthocyanidins) in ellura is medical-grade and that ellura is trusted and recommended by healthcare providers worldwide, it’s considered a dietary supplement (in the USA) and does not require a prescription.
do I take ellura with or instead of an antibiotic?
If you have a confirmed UTI it will likely require antibiotic treatment. You can take ellura with your antibiotic until the infection clears and then continue taking ellura once daily to maintain a healthy urinary tract. Please note, however, that taking antibiotics every day to prevent UTIs may not be the best plan. Harmful bacteria become resistant to antibiotics and they have many unwanted side effects - like stomach upset, allergic reactions or yeast infections.
what is your return policy?
We want you to be satisfied with your purchase. We’re here for you, and we mean it. Not satisfied? Please contact Customer Service at orders@trophikos.com or call us at 1.877.421.7160 within 30 days of your order and we’ll process the return. Your happiness is our happiness.

our medical advisory board

We work closely with our medical board and follow the American Urological Association (AUA) recommendations so we can bring you the latest scientific updates.

meet the doctors

Sophie Fletcher, MD

Urology/FPMRS (Medical Board Chair)

Brooke Faught, DNP


Seth A. Cohen, M.D

Urological Surgeon

Our Customers Have Spoken

ellura exceeds even the highest of expectations.

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Patricia H.
United States
Good Supplement

I use it everyday and it helps to keep me from getting chronic UTI’s.

Sharla M.
United States United States
Great Product

I tried another brand that was cheaper and did not like it at all. I need to get back on my regular schedule with Ella.

Diane R.
United States United States
UTI Sufferer

Taking Ellura daily has reduced my UTIs by 90%.

United States United States
Can’t live without it!

I've take Ellura every day for about five years and I haven’t experienced a UTI this whole time. It’s a miracle.

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