prevention vs treatment

the cost of frequent UTIs

The emotional cost of a UTI can often be greater than the financial cost.

life interrupted

The unpredictability of UTIs, as well as the physical and emotional toll, is so frustrating for millions of women. Putting life on hold, while in pain, to make an appointment and wait for lab results. Then starting on yet another course of antibiotics. Not to mention the out-of-pocket costs. It’s safe to say it’s never a good time to get a UTI. Which is why it’s always a good time to think about keeping your bladder clean.

get your life back. or your money back!

Break the treat and repeat cycle of UTIs with the most potent medical grade PAC, found only in ellura. ellura can help maintain a clean urinary tract for only $1.20 per day. Other supplements may cost less, but there is a reason. They aren’t as effective.

urologist recommended

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I recommend ellura for patients who are concerned about the side effects of repeatedly taking antibiotics. I have many patients on ellura who can't imagine life without it!
Tamra E. Lewis, MD, Urologist