how do you know if you have a UTI?

need to urinate frequently

Remember, some of the most telling UTI symptoms are not unique to UTIs so it’s important for your healthcare provider to run a urine culture to confirm a UTI, especially before prescribing an antibiotic for treatment.

pain and burning

Burning during urination is a common symptom of UTIs. Some experience pain in the lower back or abdomen. It’s also not uncommon to feel tired or weak. If the infection has spread to the kidneys, you might experience chills or fever.

cloudy or odd-looking urine

Some people notice that their urine has an off color, sometimes indicating blood. Your urine might also appear cloudy.

foul or strong-smelling odor

If your urine smells unpleasant (some report a “spoiled fruit” odor,)  then it might indicate a UTI.

urologist recommended

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I have a database of patients who used to see me, who don’t come in see me anymore because their UTI incidence has actually decreased [with ellura].
Nazia Bandukwala, DO Urologist
Female and Reconstructive Surgery, PPG Urology Specialists