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medical-grade PAC
PAC is a natural ingredient found in the pure juice of cranberries. Through a proprietary double extraction process ellura has the highest proven potency of PAC needed to keep UTI-causing bacteria from sticking to the bladder.

the PAC in ellura help keep the urinary tract clean.

Our complex, proprietary double extraction process ensures that the highest levels of the most potent PAC are available to bind to the bacteria. Whole berry products and other common products have little to no effect because the PAC in those products bind to the skin, seeds and flesh of the berry instead of the bacteria.

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what's not inside ellura is just as important


virtually no sugar

ellura is safe for people with diabetes.


virtually no oxalates

Good news for those prone to kidney stones.


virtually no vitamin K

ellura is safe to take with most medications.

urologist recommended

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Other common, over-the-counter brands of cranberry supplements don’t contain enough of the active ingredient – PAC -- to be truly effective for UTI prevention, and they therefore fail.
Suzette E. Sutherland, MD, MS, FPMRS
Director of Female Urology Associate Professor, University of Washington

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