antibiotics and UTIs

daily antibiotic UTI prevention? not the best plan.

truth about antibiotic resistance

While antibiotics are very effective at treating existing UTIs, taking them every day to prevent UTIs may not be the best plan. The issue with taking antibiotics to prevent UTIs is that harmful bacteria can become resistant to the antibiotic and when you really do need the antibiotic, it won’t work.

about ellura

antibiotics can also come with unwanted side effects


gastrointestinal issues


allergic reactions


yeast infections

currently taking an antibiotic?

You can take ellura with your antibiotic until the infection clears and then continue taking ellura once daily to continue flushing out harmful bacteria and keep your urinary tract clean.

antibiotic and UTIs
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In my practice, ellura has been very good at helping prevent UTIs and getting my patients off of antibiotics.
Nazia Bandukwala, DO, Urologist; Female and Reconstructive Surgery, PPG Urology Specialists
Piedmont Physicians Urology, Atlanta, GA

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