ellura: real science for UTI sufferers

nobody likes uninvited guests.

Especially a sneaky visitor who pops up frequently — more frequently as you get older — and causes pain so bad you feel like hiding in your room. To finally get this intruder to leave, you need to enlist a doctor and some antibiotics. 

But it shows up again…and again…and again…

So, who’s this seriously annoying invader? The urinary tract infection (a.k.a. the UTI). UTIs are one of the most frequent clinical bacterial infections in women--nearly 25% of all infections. Around 50–60% of women will develop UTIs in their lifetimes. And many women do (or will) get them over and over again.

They’re debilitating, icky, and depressingly common. 

Uninvited. But not unfamiliar.


why does this happen?

First, a quick primer on how UTIs work. A UTI is a growth of harmful bacteria - mostly E. coli - in the urinary tract. Women tend to have a shorter urethra (in comparison to men) which makes it easier for bacteria to reach the bladder and grow. When these bacteria attach to the wall of the urethra or bladder, they can quickly multiply into an infection. And once a UTI arrives, the only way to get rid of it is with antibiotics.

For centuries, cranberries were thought to have UTI preventive properties but their efficacy has always been in question.

And then, over 20 years ago, ellura scientists were able to isolate the cranberry’s silver bullet: the active ingredient proanthocyanidins, or PAC for short, are most potent when they come from pure juice concentrate. The PAC is the precise element that binds to bad bacteria and blocks it from sticking to the bladder. The reason other cranberry-derived supplements—and there are many—have been disappointing is because their PAC comes from whole berry, or worse, the leftover seeds, stems and skin (aka press cake) which renders them much less effective.


PAC that packs a punch

ellura is a highly potent, highly effective medical-grade supplement that takes PAC potency to the next level. At ellura, we cherry-pick (wink) the cranberries that contain the highest levels of PAC. Using our proprietary double extraction process, we first extract only the pure juice concentrate, where the bioavailable PAC live.

(bioavailable means the PAC are free to bind to the bacteria instead of the fruit, skin, seed and stems like with other cranberry supplements)

Then, we extract pure PAC from the juice concentrate. The result: powerful, potent PAC in powder form.


The PAC in ellura has been proved to be more potent than the PAC in other cranberry supplements in the market. This graph showcases those results.


still skeptical? 

Multiple studies prove that taking ellura daily is the best way to inhibit bacteria from sticking to the lining of the urinary tract. If the bacteria can't stick, they are literally flushed away in a normal and healthy manner. An effective strategy to help keep the urinary tract clean.

see what believers are saying:

women share how ellura has positively impacted their lives read how ellura has helped others too.


ellura is different

Many supplements make all kinds of impressive claims. But we believe in science and proof. Read more about our scientific studies. Other supplements on the market claim to have the same amount of PAC as ellura. But here’s the thing: the amount of PAC contained in a supplement alone is not enough. 

It’s the type of PAC that matters.

And that’s where ellura beats every other supplement out there. Other cranberry supplements are made from inferior “whole berry” or “press cake.” These products have little to no effect as their PAC bind to the skins, seeds, and flesh of the berry instead of the invading bacteria. They offer little to no anti-adhesion activity and therefore less protection against these bacteria. 

The powerful PAC in ellura, however, attach to bacteria arms so they can’t set up camp inside the urethra or bladder. Instead, they get flushed out with the urine.

Buh bye.


if you hate UTIs, you'll love ellura.

We’re so sure you’ll be happy with the results that we have a 100% happiness guarantee.

And to sweeten the deal a little more, how about 30% off? (new ellura.com customers only)

Still have questions? Want to speak with a real human? We're here. 

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