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Only ellura is made from pure cranberry juice extract. Making it both highly potent and highly effective at helping to keep the urinary tract clear of UTI-causing bacteria.

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We start by choosing cranberries known to have the highest levels of PAC (proanthocyanidins). Then use our proprietary double extraction process. The result is the most potent PAC in powder form.

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The highly potent PAC (proanthocyanidins) in ellura prevent harmful bacteria from sticking to the bladder. Instead, the bacteria literally get flushed away.

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I have suffered with UTIs for more than 30 years. I finally went to Dr. Flaherty who said, ‘You are going to order this and stop these UTIs once and for all.’ I did not believe him but ordered your product anyways because I had tried everything else. Six months later my husband goes “You realize you have not had one infection right?” I could not believe it and since then I have been so dependent on your product. I tell everyone that has UTIs that if they want to save their life, take ellura. I would trade everything I own to never go a day without ellura.

I. De Rosa

an ellura user

One little capsule daily has given me my life back. No more antibiotics. No more apprehension. I trust it implicitly and am beyond happy!

K. Gebala

an ellura user

I've been taking ellura for over seven years now. Before I started taking it I was having frequent UTIs. After becoming allergic to several of the antibiotics used for treatment and also having one that required IV antibiotics for 7 days, I knew something had to change. A friend recommended a urogynecologist. At my first visit, she suggested I start taking ellura. It has helped me tremendously! I'm so thankful for ellura!

Emily W.

an ellura user

I will never be without this pill. Having suffered with too many antibiotics to combat UTIs in the past, I now am in great shape using this product daily. I order the largest bottle now on recurring delivery and NO ANTIBIOTICS needed!

M. McDonald

an ellura user

I just want everyone to know about ellura. I’ve had UTI’s all my life and this stuff works. Whenever I feel like one is coming on, I will take 2 capsules and it goes away, it’s amazing! If I could endorse your product, I would! I hope more doctors recommend ellura so it can help more people.

R. Forsberg

an ellura user

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